Colour Swatches and Pantones

As discussed in class on Monday night, this is a tutorial on some of Illustrator's colour tools. The whole series from this channel are good, so feel free to continue on to more once you've watched this!


Converting Art to Vector with Image Trace


This is the best video I've found online for using the Image Trace function in Illustrator for converting line art or sketches into vector.  It may serve you well to take the image into Photoshop first and clean up any unwanted marks or smudges and to increase the contrast of the image so the blacks are darker and the whites brighter. This helps Illustrator read the image, however be careful not to make the contrast so high you lose detail that you needed to keep.  Video2Brain have numerous tutorial options and luckily this is one of the free access videos. Angie Taylor is a great tutor and explains everything clearly. I can't directly insert the video into this page, so I've made the image above a link to the tutorial on their website.


The Pen Tool

Phillipa Berry Smith's tutorials on the Pen tool in Illustrator are something I recommend to every one of my Illustrator students. The Pen tool is so often avoided because unguided attempts at learning it inevitably result in disaster. Phillipa's tutorials are so clear and logical they help this tool make a lot more sense. The CC2014 version of Illustrator has introduced some new functionality to the Pen tool which will make some things easier than before, but I still recommend spending some time learning how the Pen tool thinks and operates, and the perfect place to start that is right here.  There are also links with her videos to download worksheets.

Part 1 of 2 "Learn to use the Pen Tool in Adobe Illustrator". This tutorial starts right at the beginning. Each step is explained clearly to help you understand and master this most powerful of drawing tools.


The Appearance Panel Menu and Controls


Justin Seeley is another excellent tutor. This Illustrator CS6 overview discusses the Appearance panel and explores its menus and controls. Justin hosts his own website where you can read up on many web and graphics-based topics. Sign up for his newsletter to receive news and tutorials. This tutorial is from


Pen Tool Paisley

Another Pen tool tutorial, this time by Laura Coyle. Laura's tutorials are excellent. This one works with the Pen tool and bezier shapes to create a Paisley design.  Laura has Illustrator courses online - from beginner to more advanced projects.