New Paint Symmetry Options in Photoshop CC 2019

Yes, there are many options in Photoshop you’ll probably never use, and this is one I had passed over thinking it’s not relevant to my work…. then this little video inspired me.

*** You need the CC 2019 version of the software.

Julieanne Kost’s video on paint symmetry function in Photoshop.

Bauhaus Fonts

Bauhaus - a personal favourite for so much refined, radical design and creativity of thought. I like that Adobe have taken the time to make this short film to promote the fonts. And yet it makes me slightly nervous to think where these fabulously crafted communication shapes may end up. Or how they may end up. Please. Treat them with respect.

This evening in traffic I witnessed some horrific mistreatment of a font I find offensive on the best of days. Papyrus (cue the screech of banshees over moonless moors). Across the back of a utility tray in front of me this poor lettering was jammed together until there was no space at all between letters, and then - and I kid you not - squashed. Flattened down into squat,square-ish words. 

Please please please do not jam and squash your font. Don't even do one of those things. If it doesn't fit in the space make the font smaller or say less.

#bauhaus #designthinking #adobehiddentreasures  #respectyourfonts


Create videos for personal and business use with Adobe Spark

Online Marketing 101 - no matter which source you are referring to, everyone's talking about the importance of video content.

Adobe Spark is a free programme, available to all. If you are a Creative Cloud member you have the ability to remove Adobe Spark branding from the end of your video (using the web app, apparently it will also be available on the iOS app in the future - see link at the end of this post), but as a free option for creating online videos a tag at the end of your video is better than not getting a video out there.

Personal use is also a valuable option - I created a compile of smart phone videos from a family event and sent the one video out to family members instead of attaching a bunch of videos and photographs from my phone. It's a much easier viewing option than opening individual files, and the addition of royalty free music that is included with the Adobe Spark app was perfect.

Yes, there are limitations - if you are familiar with more advanced/paid options for creating videos the lack of options for things like transitions between clips is disappointing, but hey, if you are tempted to try video for business or for home, you can't really go wrong here.

How to remove the Adobe Spark Branding from your content

Can you use alternative music to the royalty free tracks supplied with Adobe Spark?

When you open the app you'll see that there are three options: Page, Post and Video. I've only used the video so far, but if you're interested in creating a social media post with Adobe Spark head straight over to 3:00 on this video from dottotech to see how to do it!  He also show the video action at approx 9:20.

*******Go straight to 3:00 to see the demonstration on using Adobe Spark for creating social media posts.

For many years, Abode has produced some of the best software programs to assist graphic designers, photographers, and marketers. With the launch of Adobe Spark, they have packaged all their creative experience into three easy to use applications. Adobe Spark Post for social graphics, Adobe Spark Page for easy to design web pages, and Adobe Spark Video for slideshow presentations.


For a demontration on Adobe Spark Page, here is Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost to talk you through it.

Nature's own Rule of Thirds

Sarah Lorien Photography Northern Beaches Sydney _ Nature's own Rule of Thirds

It's moments like this I wish Photoshop was clever enough to accurately enlarge a smart-phone photograph to a really, really big size for fine art printing. 

I'd like to send you all best wishes for the season and a generous serve of inspiration for the coming year.


Special seconds in time.

Seagulls swooping above evening waves, photo Sarah Lorien April 2016

If you've ever tried to photograph birds you'll appreciate the significance every fraction of a second can hold. I was at Dee Why Beach enjoying the early evening light and managed to capture this. 

It wasn't quite as peaceful as the image looks, once those birds take off it's a flurry of movement and over in a flash. 

This post is to remind you to get out there! Photoshop is brilliant but you need to keep it relevant to yourself and beyond necessity.

Take your camera or phone out when you're at a bus stop, or waiting for coffee or when you're out for an afternoon stroll, and take a few shots. Hone your computer skills with images that are relevant to you.

Dear Brain #3 - Start and Recent Files Workspaces and Customisable Toolbar in Photoshop CC November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

You're in pain now. 

Nothing even looks familiar.

I'm not sure if this is a good time to tell you, but there are only six tools in the entire Tool Panel. Actually, sorry, there is no Tool Panel anymore it's a Toolbar, but regardless, we are brought back to the same old adage - you should never drink and click. Because now, in the latest update of Photoshop CC November 2015, you can actually transform the workspace into a barely recognisable alternate universe.

Warning: the following video may make you crazy. It contains logical explanations delivered in Julieanne's steady, reassuring voice, but makes no sense at all unless you translate it into a Vulcan Venn Diagram.

Good luck with that,


Dear Brain #2 - Quick Export and Export As Feature Enhancements Photoshop CC November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

Remember how we ignored the Quick Export function with the last Photoshop update and kept going to File/Export/Save for Web (Legacy) instead, muttering something about extra clicks but soldiering on and getting the job done....?

Well it appears there are good reasons to embrace the new, to appreciate the improved and to rise, Phoenix-like, from the once-considered-perfectly-functional Photoshop workflow and get with the times, man. 

So they say.... and I might agree with them if you didn't keep screaming, "WHAT??????? WHY?????", whenever I try to watch and learn.

Deep breath. 

Let's try again,



Dear Brain #1 - Working with Artboards in Photoshop CC's November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

It's time. We sort of put it off with the earlier 2015 Photoshop update, but with Adobe's latest release in late November 2015 we can't ignore it any more.

I know, I know, we could travel along nicely just using the bits we knew up 'til now. We could leave multiple artboards to Illustrator (funny how autocorrect wants to make that 'dartboards' - my sentiment exactly for a while there) and create a set of personal workarounds to avoid workspace appearance and functionality confrontations.  

But now... now it's time to learn about the Photoshop CC November 2015 update and 'Working with Artboards'.

This video is by Julieanne Kost. There are a few videos out already, explaining how it works, and this one is pretty good. So, Brain, please stick with me on this one and stop vagueing out (oh, two autocorrect tantrums in one short blog post - not bad) every 30 seconds.

no regrets,



Dislocation Inspiration

Marina Abramovic - image copyright Marina Abramovic

In June/July this year Marina Abramovic brought her very unique self to Sydney for 12 days in her Kaldor Public Art Project No 30, Marina Abramovic: In Residence. As there were no cameras permitted, this photograph of Marina is from a document that accompanied the event. In fact, phones, watches, wallets and bags were locked away upon entry and participants were gloriously e-disconnected for the duration of their stay. This is where the 'dislocation' occurs - as per the title of this post.

The simple act of removing personal objects we not only depend on but instinctively and continuously monitor for information and communication, for protection against loss or theft, or simply for telling the time... the removal of these things from the equation frees up a surprising amount of conscious and subconscious space in your mind and relaxes muscles you didn't know were tense - once you let go of the thought of your precious little belongings resting safely in a locker. 

What you do with this arable awareness is completely up to you. 

Knowing that Marina tours the world and there’s a chance some elements will be comparable wherever you happen to be, I’m actually not going to give you any more details. Whatever you do, if you have the opportunity to go to one of her ….. worlds, don’t research it beforehand. Just go. Allow yourself to be surprised. I will say, though, that the Mutual Gaze part of the experience was the one that has stayed with me most vividly. Truly inspiring.

Creative Block? Take heart.

Sometimes it helps to hear how creative minds share certain challenges - all through time and all over the world.  Sit back with a cup of tea and listen to the inspirational wisdom and research of Elizabeth Gilbert. I love the stories of a poet who had to capture her poems as they swept by her, and how Tom Waits had words with his universal source while sitting in Los Angeles traffic.

Photoshop CC 2015 Release

Ok, first blog off the post!  Starting is usually the hardest, so while the ideas are brewing - sometimes identified as mindful procrastination - we are going to look at a video post from Adobe Evangelist, Paul Trani, on the official Photoshop youtube channel:

What’s New in Photoshop for Print and Graphic Design

A few key words on the topics covered are artboards, library assets, Adobe Stock photographs, glyphs panel and working on mobile devices.

Stay inspired!

speak soon,