Dear Brain #3 - Start and Recent Files Workspaces and Customisable Toolbar in Photoshop CC November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

You're in pain now. 

Nothing even looks familiar.

I'm not sure if this is a good time to tell you, but there are only six tools in the entire Tool Panel. Actually, sorry, there is no Tool Panel anymore it's a Toolbar, but regardless, we are brought back to the same old adage - you should never drink and click. Because now, in the latest update of Photoshop CC November 2015, you can actually transform the workspace into a barely recognisable alternate universe.

Warning: the following video may make you crazy. It contains logical explanations delivered in Julieanne's steady, reassuring voice, but makes no sense at all unless you translate it into a Vulcan Venn Diagram.

Good luck with that,