Bauhaus Fonts

Bauhaus - a personal favourite for so much refined, radical design and creativity of thought. I like that Adobe have taken the time to make this short film to promote the fonts. And yet it makes me slightly nervous to think where these fabulously crafted communication shapes may end up. Or how they may end up. Please. Treat them with respect.

This evening in traffic I witnessed some horrific mistreatment of a font I find offensive on the best of days. Papyrus (cue the screech of banshees over moonless moors). Across the back of a utility tray in front of me this poor lettering was jammed together until there was no space at all between letters, and then - and I kid you not - squashed. Flattened down into squat,square-ish words. 

Please please please do not jam and squash your font. Don't even do one of those things. If it doesn't fit in the space make the font smaller or say less.

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