Create videos for personal and business use with Adobe Spark

Online Marketing 101 - no matter which source you are referring to, everyone's talking about the importance of video content.

Adobe Spark is a free programme, available to all. If you are a Creative Cloud member you have the ability to remove Adobe Spark branding from the end of your video (using the web app, apparently it will also be available on the iOS app in the future - see link at the end of this post), but as a free option for creating online videos a tag at the end of your video is better than not getting a video out there.

Personal use is also a valuable option - I created a compile of smart phone videos from a family event and sent the one video out to family members instead of attaching a bunch of videos and photographs from my phone. It's a much easier viewing option than opening individual files, and the addition of royalty free music that is included with the Adobe Spark app was perfect.

Yes, there are limitations - if you are familiar with more advanced/paid options for creating videos the lack of options for things like transitions between clips is disappointing, but hey, if you are tempted to try video for business or for home, you can't really go wrong here.

How to remove the Adobe Spark Branding from your content

Can you use alternative music to the royalty free tracks supplied with Adobe Spark?

When you open the app you'll see that there are three options: Page, Post and Video. I've only used the video so far, but if you're interested in creating a social media post with Adobe Spark head straight over to 3:00 on this video from dottotech to see how to do it!  He also show the video action at approx 9:20.

*******Go straight to 3:00 to see the demonstration on using Adobe Spark for creating social media posts.

For many years, Abode has produced some of the best software programs to assist graphic designers, photographers, and marketers. With the launch of Adobe Spark, they have packaged all their creative experience into three easy to use applications. Adobe Spark Post for social graphics, Adobe Spark Page for easy to design web pages, and Adobe Spark Video for slideshow presentations.


For a demontration on Adobe Spark Page, here is Adobe evangelist Julieanne Kost to talk you through it.

Dear Brain #2 - Quick Export and Export As Feature Enhancements Photoshop CC November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

Remember how we ignored the Quick Export function with the last Photoshop update and kept going to File/Export/Save for Web (Legacy) instead, muttering something about extra clicks but soldiering on and getting the job done....?

Well it appears there are good reasons to embrace the new, to appreciate the improved and to rise, Phoenix-like, from the once-considered-perfectly-functional Photoshop workflow and get with the times, man. 

So they say.... and I might agree with them if you didn't keep screaming, "WHAT??????? WHY?????", whenever I try to watch and learn.

Deep breath. 

Let's try again,