Dear Brain #3 - Start and Recent Files Workspaces and Customisable Toolbar in Photoshop CC November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

You're in pain now. 

Nothing even looks familiar.

I'm not sure if this is a good time to tell you, but there are only six tools in the entire Tool Panel. Actually, sorry, there is no Tool Panel anymore it's a Toolbar, but regardless, we are brought back to the same old adage - you should never drink and click. Because now, in the latest update of Photoshop CC November 2015, you can actually transform the workspace into a barely recognisable alternate universe.

Warning: the following video may make you crazy. It contains logical explanations delivered in Julieanne's steady, reassuring voice, but makes no sense at all unless you translate it into a Vulcan Venn Diagram.

Good luck with that,


Dear Brain #1 - Working with Artboards in Photoshop CC's November 2015 Update

Dear Brain, 

It's time. We sort of put it off with the earlier 2015 Photoshop update, but with Adobe's latest release in late November 2015 we can't ignore it any more.

I know, I know, we could travel along nicely just using the bits we knew up 'til now. We could leave multiple artboards to Illustrator (funny how autocorrect wants to make that 'dartboards' - my sentiment exactly for a while there) and create a set of personal workarounds to avoid workspace appearance and functionality confrontations.  

But now... now it's time to learn about the Photoshop CC November 2015 update and 'Working with Artboards'.

This video is by Julieanne Kost. There are a few videos out already, explaining how it works, and this one is pretty good. So, Brain, please stick with me on this one and stop vagueing out (oh, two autocorrect tantrums in one short blog post - not bad) every 30 seconds.

no regrets,