Using Layers in Photoshop Elements

Jan Kabili is a tutor whose tutorials always impress. I am most familiar with her Photoshop Elements and Lightroom tutorials. This one is about Photoshop Elements 12 layers. is one of the big players in the online learning world. They have courses in a huge range of subjects and across many brands of software. Have a look at the website to see what is available. You can open up any of the courses and choose to watch the free videos (the others are greyed out) to see if they suit your needs.


Applying Textures using Adobe Photoshop Elements

Let's not get preoccupied with YouTube when looking for video tutorials. This video from Nicole Young on Vimeo is excellent. She demonstrates how to bring in texture layers to transform a normal photograph into a unique image. Photoshop Elements offers so much control now it is a worthy sibling of it's older sister, Photoshop. Nicoles website has a range of items and e-books for sale, including images such as the textures she used here. You can always take photos of surfaces that you can create your own textures from, or search Google images for something like "textures for photoshop". Some will be free and some for purchase. Here is a link to Nicole's website.  


Adobe's video channel

Of course you can go to for their video tutorials - on all of their software applications. I could not link an individual video to this page so the image above is simply a jpeg, click here for the Adobe TV Photoshop Elements menu. This will take you to tutorials for Elements 11 through to Elements 13.